These images are subjective social commentaries. They note institutions, events, icons and landmarks and by juxtaposition or isolation construct meaning. They overtly or more subtly reference mood and emotion evoked by my investment in that institution or icon. But more than just my own investment, I find that I’ve anthropomorphized and projected thereby giving a perceived voice to an object or a group - so that frequently the statement is about this object’s longing or my perception of the longing that that object might have.

I’ve found that it is often the irony of beauty and sorrow existing at once - harmoniously juxtaposed that attracts me or haunts me. Consciously or unconsciously a resonance occurs and I respond by fixing the image psychically and mechanically. I recognize the dualistic essence of my world: participation/observation, presence/absence, certainty/doubt. I’ve found the traces of humanity within the patterns of nature and it’s here I see the ache that I feel for things lost, unpossessed, unattainable.

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