In navigating interior public spaces I’m attracted to the generic yet rich quality of detail to be observed. A sort of theatre of the ordinary, there is often a melancholy emptiness, which is easily overlooked. We find clues about our own lives as well as clues to the identity of our region. These spaces which are uninhabited by any people and the ‘cultural artifacts’ which are juxtaposed within, together propose a kind of public mythology that has a Pompeian quality.  The ‘recent’ presence points to an absence which encourages scrutiny and the assignment of new and perhaps more poignant significance to these ‘remnants’.

I am intrigued by how these spaces, in their ordinariness, are arrestingly beautiful and simultaneously strange. I want to record them because they exist in these ways only momentarily. They are curious and commonplace and invisible. They linger in wait for meaning.

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